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Teacher: 吕梅  Class: Class 4, Senior 1  Date: Nov. 19th, 2015


Unit 4 More Reading  New trends in entertainment technology



1. Understand the background of the old entertainment technology and learn some new words and expressions.

2. Learn to introduce a new technology product and give a report.

3. Be aware of the relationship between entertainment and technology and the trend of the entertainment technology.


the edited ppt. slides, some objects, worksheet





Daily-talk: Introduce a movie.


To introduce the topic: entertainment and theatre


Picture reading: Imax Dome Theatre & home entertainment system


To elicit new words: Imax Dome Theatre, surround, suspend, stereo speaker




Listen to Para 1-2

1. Judge T or F


To understand the relationship between technology and entertainment as well as the details in the first two paragraphs.


Read Para 3

1. Fill in the table: An introduction of an Mp3 player.

Background learning: the entertainment technology in the past

Put the technology products(devices) in the order of time


To Learn to introduce a product and prepare for the report.


Give a report.


To make an introduction of an entertainment technology product and practise writing skill.



Summarize: new technology in our life


To draw a conclusion




Writing: make an introduction about a new entertainment technology product.


Unit 4 More Reading  New trends in entertainment technology

Have you ever wanted to feel like part of the action while you watched a film? You can, at an Imax Theatre like the one at the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. The screen at these theatres surrounds the audience. As the sound system has 44 speakers behind the screen, the sound seems very real. Many of the films shown at these theatres are nature films.

You can achieve a similar effect in your own sitting room with a home entertainment system. A home entertainment system uses a wide, flat-screen TV. Often, this is suspended on the wall like a picture. Stereo speakers are arranged round the viewers. Digital technology makes both the picture and the sound clear.

For music lovers, there is always MP3.Since MP3 players were introduced in 1997, people have taken them everywhere. An MP3 player uses digital technology to record and play music. Most MP3 player are smaller than cigarette lighters. They can record hundreds of hours of music. With an MP3 player, you can listen to high-quality music while you are doing nearly anything. You no longer have to carry CDs or cassettes with you.


                             Worksheet for students

Unit 4 New trends in entertainment technology

I. Listen Para 1-2 and Judge T or F.

1. There is an Imax Dome Theatre at the Shanghai Museum.   

2. The sound system of this Imax Dome Theatre is made up of 44 speakers behind the screen.

3. The TV screen of a home entertainment system will occupy(占据) the whole sitting room.

4. The stereo speakers of a home entertainment system is in front of the viewers.

II. Read Para 3 and fill in the table.

                        An Mp3 player

the time of invention

It was introduced in _________.

size and shape

Most players are smaller than ___________________.


It can use _______ technology to ________ hundreds of hours of music.

It can play ________________ music.


(a) It is ________ and ________, so it is easy for us to ________ everywhere.

(b) We can listen to the music ________ doing nearly anything.


III. Introduce a new entertainment technology product.

I will introduce ____________ to you. It was invented in ___________. It is of a/an _______________ size (It looks like a _____________.).

I think it is useful in many ways. For example, it can ________________________________

_________________________; in addition, it can __________________________________


With it, we can ________________________________________________________________





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